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I love helping people navigate the obstacles and challenges of the home buying and selling process.  Clients gain access to my experience, tools, and resources to help them to make great decisions and take control of their future.   Here are the ways you can access my experience and knowledge.

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I have written dozens of blog posts about all aspects of the buying and selling process.  Most likely, I have already addressed your question or issue.  Click the link on the home page for "Mike's Blueprint Blog"

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New blog posts are posted weekly.  I write on topics affecting the real estate market, local happenings or businesses, the buying or selling process, and address common questions received.  By subscribing, you'll get the latest posts delivered directly to your inbox.  

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My existing clients know that I teach first, sell second.  I want to make sure my clients have the right information and tools to make a great decision whether it's buying their first home, selling and moving up in home, or relocating.  

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If you have something else in mind, other than what is described above, feel free to e-mail me. I would be happy to talk with you.

What past clients have said...

"He worked very hard to get answers for us as we looked at homes to purchase. We enjoyed working with him and would like to use his talents in the future!" 
- Mark & Marie

"What amazed me was his excellence in customer service, professionalism, and flexibility. From uploading games for my little one on his iPad (for those long home inpsections) to scheduling the home inspections, I could not have done this without him." 
- Jennifer 

"Mike was a fantastic realtor and helped us find a home that was right for us both financially and aesthetically. We both highly recommend working with him." 
- Whitney & Jake 

"Mike did not force us into selling or buying a house. He looked out for the best interest of his clients. He was very thorough on explaining things."
- Jeff & Rebecca, Mapleton

"Mike is extremely service oriented and full of integrity. We are relocating from overseas and we had one week to find a home. Mike devoted the entire week to us and helped with the entire process, even scheduling all of our school visits. Mike completely took care of us and we would highly recommend him."
- Amy & Chad